Signature Collection

Signature Collection

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Collect all three from our signature collection and select the aroma that fits your mood, at any time of day.

Create · Earthy, Floral and Musk notes

Invigorate · Fruity and Spicy notes

Ground · Woody and Warm notes

Made from pure essential oils and natural binding bark from the Machilus Thunbergii tree, our incense is 100% natural, crafted on Awaji Island, Japan and hand packed in Melbourne, Australia.

Each tube contains 50 low smoke incense, with over 20 hours of burn time. The incense is approximately 14cm in length and contains no bamboo inner, meaning you will get more out of your burn.

To use, delicately remove the incense from the tube, light the tip and then blow out the flame. Place the incense in a holder on a flat surface to receive the ashes, take a moment of pause, and sit within. Always burn supervised and out of reach of children.