Luxury Gift Set - Incense, Burner and Lighter
Luxury Gift Set - Incense, Burner and Lighter
Luxury Gift Set - Incense, Burner and Lighter

Luxury Gift Set - Incense, Burner and Lighter

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Our luxury gift sets are being offered for a limited time ahead of the holiday season, to inspire your loved one (or yourself!) to carve out a moment for ritual during the busy days ahead.

As part of the gift set we're offering your choice of scent, locally made glass amber Incense Holder, and our diamond cut Latitude Lighters by Tsubota Pearl in your chosen colour.

Incense Collection

Create · Earthy, Floral and Musk notes

Invigorate · Fruity and Spicy notes

Ground · Woody and Warm notes

Made from pure essential oils and natural binding bark from the Machilus Thunbergii tree, our incense is 100% natural, crafted on Awaji Island, Japan and hand packed in Melbourne, Australia.

Each tube contains 50 low smoke incense, with over 20 hours of burn time. The incense is approximately 14cm in length and contains no bamboo inner, meaning you will get more out of your burn.

Incense Burner

Designed by Renée Marie, a Mornington Peninsula based artist and glassblower, these amber glass incense holders are in the beautiful shape of a pinch bowl - perfect to catch the ashes of the incense while looking aesthetically pleasing.

Due to the nature of glassblowing, these holders vary in size and colour from piece to piece.

Approx. dimensions 5cm x 5cm

Latitude Lighter

The Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge Latitude Lighter is made from start to finish in Japan - the geometric pattern achieved through the unusual technique called ‘diamond cut’, in which patterns are made with a diamond tipped engraver. The effect of this technique results in a unique item bringing with it a sense of wonder - hence inspiring the name ‘Latitude’.

Japanese brand Tsubota Pearl specialises in unique metal and leather work, founded in Tokyo over 60 years ago on the principles of quality craftsmanship.


  • 1 x Refillable lighter
  • Material: Polycarbonate, Steel and Cotton
  • Size: 60 x 35 x 15 mm
  • Made in Japan

Due to shipping requirements, all our lighters are shipped empty so fuel must be purchased separately (such as Zippo Lighter Fluid from your local newsagency).

To refill:

  • Pull the lighter gently from the casing
  • Turn upside and keep level whilst you saturate the wadding
  • Fill up to 80%
  • Wash lighter thoroughly before use