The benefits of natural incense

Natural incense has been used historically across many cultures for various benefits, including as a way to purify the body and spirit, sharpen the senses and to calm during turbulent times.
Japanese incense in particular is believed to have been discovered during the 6th century on Awaji Island, when an aromatic piece of Agarwood drifted ashore. It has since evolved to produce all kinds of aromas - the most beneficial incense of which uses traditional techniques and all natural ingredients.
Within incense is entirely plant-based and has no bamboo inner. It is made from naturally-binding bark from the Machilus Thunbergii tree (the Japanese Bay Tree), an evergreen tree which sheds its bark in large chunks, perfect for making incense. Pure essential oils and 100% plant based powder are then combined to produce a natural, aromatic scent.
Benefits include purification, calming of the mind, lifting of the spirit and cleansing of air-borne pathogens - however it is important to note that these benefits can all be ineffective when using synthetic aromas.
We choose to produce in Japan's Awaji Island as it produces some of the highest quality incense in the world - being all natural and long lasting with the essential oils added in to the base from the very beginning. Our incense is entirely free of fragrance and chemicals, ensuring that each burn is not only safe but provides benefits to the mind, body and spirit.