Our Story

Within Incense was dreamt up in Melbourne during a tumultuous 2020. It was established on the foundation of community and holistic wellbeing, offering a shift of perspective and moment of calm during uncertain times.

We exist to share the benefits of daily ritual and how it can enhance connection not only with yourself, but with each other to make impactful change. 
Within Incense is 100% natural and crafted in Awaji Island (the birthplace of traditional Japanese incense) using age-old artisanal practices and pure, plant based materials. It has a low smoke burn with no bamboo inner and contains no perfumes - just a subtle, 100% natural scent.
We believe in purposeful creation and are proud to donate 10% of all profits to Australian charities in support of mental wellbeing. Our packaging is recyclable and sourced locally to minimise the impact to our planet, and all standard deliveries are 100% carbon neutral.
Our incense can be used during meditation, yoga or simply around the home, leaving a delicate scent behind after burning.